The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 27-29 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 27-29 Summary

Charles arrives at Dr. Grogan’s office. He must speak to someone about Sarah and his involvement with her. Dr. Grogan listens as Charles relates his meetings with Sarah in the woods and the things she has told him about herself. After listening, Dr. Grogan, a man with many years of experience with human nature and all its contortions, makes up a scenario for Charles’s benefit. Pretending to be Sarah, Dr. Grogan improvises a storyline as if he were stating Sarah’s thoughts. He recounts, as Sarah, how she has found an attractive and intelligent man who has empathy for her plight. She is taken by this man, as she had previously been taken by the French lieutenant. Through this man, she hopes to gain a better life.


(The entire section is 670 words.)