The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 24-26 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 24-26 Summary

Charles returns from his uncle’s home with bad news—at least, Ernestina considers it bad news. Charles’s uncle has decided to marry. If he should produce sons, Charles will not inherit his uncle’s fortune. Charles is not as distraught at this news at Ernestina is, and he looks upon her negative reaction as rather unladylike. Her bitterness annoys him. To change the subject, Charles asks if anything has happened while he was gone.

Both Ernestina and Mrs. Tranter relay a story about Sarah. Sarah has been dismissed by Mrs. Poulteney, though neither Ernestina nor her aunt know the cause. Charles is a little concerned that Sarah’s predicament might have something to do with him, and he wonders if someone could have...

(The entire section is 562 words.)