The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 21-23 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 21-23 Summary

Sarah and Charles are still in the woods as Sarah continues the story about her relationship with the French lieutenant. About a month after Vargueness sailed away from England, she received a letter from him. In this letter, he explained to her that he was in an unhappy marriage. He maintained that he loved Sarah and wanted her to be with him, but Sarah says she knew he was lying. His letter did not hurt her as she had anticipated receiving such news would hurt her.

Sarah continues to insist that she needs to be shamed for her sins, though Charles presses her to leave Lyme and move to London for a fresh start. When she rejects this idea, Charles remembers what Dr. Grogan told him about some women who become lost in the...

(The entire section is 626 words.)