The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 19-20 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 19-20 Summary

Dr. Grogan, a friend of Ernestina’s aunt, has dinner with Charles, Ernestina, and Mrs. Tranter. Afterward, Dr. Grogan invites Charles to his home for a drink. While there, Charles recognizes the doctor’s open mind and intellectual curiosity, so he introduces the topic of Sarah. Dr. Grogan has been to visit Sarah and diagnoses her as suffering from melancholy. The more the two men talk, the less Charles understands Sarah’s condition. Dr. Grogan has concluded that Sarah is all but obsessed with her sadness and refuses to let it go. No matter what anyone would subscribe for her depression, Sarah would probably refuse help.

After a while, Charles changes the topic to scientific theories they share, particularly the...

(The entire section is 652 words.)