The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 17-18 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 17-18 Summary

Charles is at a concert with Ernestina and cannot quite understand why his mind continues to wander toward Sarah. He begins to compare the two women. Ernestina is younger and less experienced as well as less deep in her thoughts. She is also a bit spoiled and selfish, Charles finds, but he could have expected nothing else from the only child of rich parents. Then he questions if Ernestina is any different from any other rich girl and wonders if it is only her money and good looks that attract him. Sarah, on the other hand, is a mystery to him, and he spends much time trying to figure her out. Although she does not have money and is not as commonly pretty as Ernestina is, Charles finds himself much more attracted to her.


(The entire section is 616 words.)