The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 10-11 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 10-11 Summary

The Ware Commons is a small wilderness area outside of Lyme that is filled with trees and bluffs. No one lives in these woods. The forest is thick enough and large enough that some people have been lost inside it. There is little flat land, so walkers must be strong enough to hike its steep hills. Few people wander into this forest because the land offers such a challenge. Sudden, hidden crevices make traversing the land very dangerous.

Charles has wandered into the Ware Commons after searching for fossils on the beach. He climbs up a steep slope and finds a path. After following it for a while, he stops and looks about him. Down below him, lying in the grass, he sees a woman asleep in a meadow. His first instinct is to...

(The entire section is 530 words.)