The French and Indian War (The Seven Years' War)

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Where was the French and Indian War fought?

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The French and Indian War was largely a North American war. It was fought in eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States as well as the Ohio Valley. Most of the hardest fighting took place in upstate New York as well as western Pennsylvania. One of the key battles of the conflict happened on the Plains of Abraham outside of Quebec.

One of the deciding factors of the war was Britain deciding to use its navy to threaten French possessions all over the world. The French and Indian War was also called the Seven Years' War, and one of its unique qualities was its global nature. One of the key battles was the Battle of Plassey which allowed Britain ultimately to gain control of India. While this decision to make the war global ensured French defeat, it also made the war more expensive for the British, thus leading to higher taxation on the American colonists.

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The French and Indian War was fought in North America.  It was fought in what is now Canada and the northeast part of the United States, including the Ohio Valley.  This war was part of a larger conflict known as the Seven Years' War.  The French and Indian War found most Native American tribes allied with the French against the British.  The key battle in the war was the Battle of Quebec.  When the British won this battle, it gave them control in the war.  Eventually the Treaty of Paris of 1763 was signed which gave the British control of most of what is now the eastern half of the United States.  The French and Indian War was a North American conflict.

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