The French and Indian War (The Seven Years' War)

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How were the American colonists involved in the mother country's struggle with France?

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The British colonists in North America aided Great Britain in their struggle against France in the French and Indian War. Since most of the Native American tribes sided with the French in this struggle, it was important for colonists to help the British defend their North American colonies.

The British colonists helped the British militarily. George Washington led some of the troops in battles against the French. In the beginning of the conflict, the British didn’t do very well. George Washington and other military leaders lost some battles. However, after William Pitt became the leader in Great Britain, Britain committed more resources to the war. This increased aid, along with assistance from the British colonists, helped the British begin to win battles and eventually to win the war. As a result of the French and Indian War, the French gave their possessions in North America to Great Britain and to Spain.

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This question seems to be referring to the Seven Years' War, and the colonists played an important role in that conflict. In fact, the global conflict began in a limited way in the American backcountry, when Virginia militia under George Washington attacked and destroyed a small French force at Jumonville Glen. Washington went on to suffer a humiliating defeat, but his actions sparked the wider conflict. For the rest of the war, (known as the French and Indian War) which lasted until 1761 in the American colonies, colonial militia and soldiers participated in all of the major battles as well as scores of minor conflicts. Their participation was very slow, however, before William Pitt, British prime minister, offered to subsidize colonial legislatures' expenditures for militia and guaranteed that colonial officers would not be treated as inferiors by all British officers. 

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