Freeze My Margarita

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

With British witticism and world-class sophistication, artist Sam Jones returns in Freeze My Margarita, a sequel to Black Rubber Dress (1997), to find adventure in the heart of the London theater district. Adroitly hinting at sexual proclivities that are better left unplumbed, author Lauren Henderson places Sam in a fetish club with her friend Janey in the opening scene. As they giggle over the activities they see around them, Sam recognizes an old friend from art school. Conversation with him leads to the revelation that he is working in a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and he suggests that Sam's giant mobiles would be perfect for the set. One thing leads to another and Sam finds herself behind the scenes of the new theater production, working on stage design.

Offering more substance than is usually found in a mystery, this novel delves deeply into the staging of a play. The drama of the production is so overpowering, it makes the mystery element seem almost an afterthought. A series of bizarre, ostensibly happenstance accidents eventually culminate in a body being discovered in the basement of the theater. Having seen more dead bodies than she cares to admit, Sam throws herself into the role of detective and helps hunt for the killer. As curtain time draws nearer, the deaths increase and the practical jokes become more macabre until Sam finds herself fighting for her own life.