Frederick Morgan

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Chad Walsh

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[Frederick Morgan] is a poet of extraordinary human openness and perception, with technical skills ranging from free forms to effective rhyming. [In Poems of the Two Worlds he] explores with deceptive ease the great contraries of life and death, body and spirit, nature and city, youth and age, the human and the transhuman.

An accurate realism and touch of the surreal infuses his poetry, as he speaks from the observation post of his own consciousness…. His imagination and memories encompass the ugly as well as the lovely…. He travels with poetic grace from one realm of experience to another, scattering light on scenes that in lesser hands would be merely pedestrian. At times his skill does slip into mere facility or philosophical enumeration…. But on the whole, he leads us into roomier universes than we remembered, and more numinous. With [Poems of the Two Worlds] he becomes a major poet.

Chad Walsh, "'Poems of the Two Worlds'," in Book World—The Washington Post (© 1977, The Washington Post), May 22, 1977, p. E4.

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