Form and Content

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Freaky Friday is told as the first-person narrative of thirteen-year-old Annabel Andrews. The story opens as Annabel suddenly wakes to find that she inhabits the body of her thirty-five-year-old mother, Ellen. After Annabel’s father (Ellen’s husband) and her little brother (Ellen’s son) leave for work and school, Annabel can freely explore the possibilities of her strange situation. She is delighted with her mother’s body, especially with her teeth, which are white and straight—and without Annabel’s braces. She is also delighted that she does not have to go to school, since she has not even begun her overdue English assignment.

Because she now lives in her mother’s body, Annabel decides to do “motherly” chores. First, she tries laundry, overfills the machine, and puts in too much detergent; the washing machine promptly overflows and stops. After the repairman whom she calls promises to be there next week, Mrs. Schmauss, the housekeeper, arrives. Because Annabel has disliked Mrs. Schmauss for years, she and Annabel “have words,” and Annabel fires her. Annabel then brushes her mother’s beautiful straight teeth, dresses in one of her mother’s slinky black outfits better suited to evening wear, experiments at her mother’s makeup table, and generally has a good time playing grownup.

After lunch, Annabel goes to the liquor store to restock the liquor cabinet. On her way home, still wearing the slinky black...

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