Why is Kevin in Freak the Mighty so interested in King Arthur and the knights of the round table?

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Kevin is interested in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table because the knights were, in his view, the very first human versions of robots. He passionately narrates to Max that King Arthur sent out the knights on dangerous quests like slaying dragons, but in order for such missions to be successful, the knights, merely human, had to be reinforced with metal armor. The armor made them invincible by giving them superhuman abilities, which guaranteed them victory in all their missions.

Kevin has a keen interest in robots and robotics and even refers to himself as Robot Man because of the leg braces he wears to aid in movement, just like the Knights’ metal armor that enhanced their abilities. Furthermore, he believes that the medical research unit at the hospital is developing a robot body onto which his identity will be transferred. However, after Kevin’s demise, Max sadly learns from Kevin’s doctor that there was never a robotic body under development at the hospital’s research center for him and that Kevin made up that narrative as a coping mechanism.

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