Who is the real hero in Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick?

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I believe that Kevin is the hero in Freak the Mighty because he save his best friend's life, and helped him to live his life.

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A hero is someone who demonstrates courage, performs brave deeds, and exemplifies noble qualities. This definition can be applied to both Maxwell and Kevin in Freak the Mighty. Both boys face teenage bullies, teasing by peers, and life-threatening situations with all of the qualities of a hero. However, if there must be one hero chosen, Kevin would come off conqueror. Even though Kevin is small and crippled, he never let those things get in the way of living. He also didn't let being crippled get in the way of saving his best friend, Max. If it had not been for Kevin disobeying his mother by slipping into the alley and away from the police, he never would have saved Max. Max probably would have died being strangled by his own father. Kevin saves Max as explained in the following passage:

". . . it's only later I figure out there wasn't any real acid in the squirt gun, it was soap and vinegar and curry powder that made Killer Kane think his eyes were burning up--Killer Kane who is still rubbing frantic at his eyes and begging for help when they put the handcuffs on him and shove him into the back of a police van.

Not only does Kevin save Max's life physically by aiding in the escape plan from Killer Kane, but he also saves him mentally and psychologically. Kevin believes in Max and encourages him to do well with his education. Max helps Kevin with travel and friendship, too, but ultimately Kevin does more good for Max. He even encourages Max to write their story after he is gone.

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