What is the origin of the name "Freak the Mighty"?

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In chapter six, Max and Kevin (Freak) attend the local Fourth of July festivities to watch the fireworks display, and they narrowly avoid Blade and his gang before the show begins. When the fireworks show starts, Kevin complains that he cannot see, and Max allows him to sit on his shoulders to get a better look. After the fireworks show, Blade and his gang chase Max with Kevin on his shoulders. Kevin directs Max to run toward the millpond as Blade and his gang catch up to them. Max ends up walking deep into the millpond, where Blade is unable to reach them. When Blade and his gang begin throwing rocks at Max and Kevin, Kevin whistles loudly and gets the attention of a passing police officer. Blade and his gang run away, and Max and Kevin are rescued by the police. At the end of chapter seven, one of the policemen asks for the boys' names in order to call their parents and Kevin says,

We're Freak the Mighty, that's who we are. We're nine feet tall, in case you haven't noticed. (Philbrick, 40)

Overall, Kevin comes up the name Freak the Mighty after sitting on Max's shoulders for the majority of the night. Kevin views himself as the brains and Max as their powerful body, and together, they make Freak the Mighty.

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