What is the purpose of Freak the Mighty's next quest?

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The correct answer to your question depends upon where you are in the novel because both Max and Kevin go on many quests. Because you use the words “next quest,” I assume that you do not mean their very first one which has to do with “Fair Gwen” and slaying imaginary dragons to rescue the “maiden in distress.” Thus, the “next quest” you refer to might be the subsequent one.

The next adventure Max and Kevin go on (at Kevin’s request, of course), is to find a “treasure” in the sewer. For this quest, Kevin requires Max to meet him at three in the morning. The two boys immediately transform into “Freak the Mighty” with Kevin on Max’s back and head to the sewer grate. With Kevin’s “retrieving device,” the two find a “grotty old purse” and return it to its owner, Loretta Lee.

Max and Kevin make their way to Loretta and Iggy Lee who live in the tenements and are leaders of the local motorcycle gang. They are less thrilled to receive the purse back than they are to reminisce about Max’s dad, Kenny “Killer” Kane. After they share their memories, they two ask the boys to leave, ending the quest.

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