(Great Characters in Literature)

Ivy Barton

Ivy Barton, the girl around whom the story revolves. She is a lower-class country girl who is transported to the city to serve as a model for an artist, Bianca Dallison. Through no fault of her own, she causes trouble because she is pursued by the husband of the Dallisons’ seamstress and befriended by Bianca’s husband. Ivy Barton is finally abandoned by Hilary Dallison, who throws a handful of money on her bed in a rented London room and leaves her forever.

Hilary Dallison

Hilary Dallison, a prosperous writer who found Ivy and brought her to London to pose for a painting by his wife, Bianca. His emotions for Ivy are a mixture of pity and love, but at the end he chooses his own way by refusing to befriend Ivy and by deciding not to return to Bianca, a woman with whom he has not lived as a husband for several years.

Bianca Dallison

Bianca Dallison, Hilary’s artist wife, who, though she refuses Hilary his marital prerogatives, still becomes extremely jealous when another woman attracts his attention, as Ivy does.

Mr. Hughs

Mr. Hughs, a lecherous, suspicious ne’er-do-well who pursues Ivy, spies on her, and spreads gossip about her and Hilary. Finally, for beating his wife and wounding her with a bayonet, he is sent off to prison for a short time.

Mrs. Hughs

Mrs. Hughs, the Dallisons’ seamstress, who lives a hellish existence with her husband....

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