Franklyn M(ansfield) Branley

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Virginia Kirkus' Bookshop Service

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[Experiments in Optical Illusions is a] fascinating little book with lots of tantalizing "now you see it; now you don't" home experiments. Beginning with a discussion of the physiology of the eye, [Branley and Beeler] … investigate the phenomena of image reversal, focus, light and dark, space and line arising from the peculiar construction of the eye. Such famous diverting illusions such as the deceiving size of the rising moon, mirages, after-images, color tricks, and light "ghosts" are also explained in lucid, informal style. Pleasant supplementary material for science courses, for intrepid "experimenters" and fun for the whole family.

"Twelve to Fifteen: 'Experiments in Optical Illusions'," in Virginia Kirkus' Bookshop Service, Vol. XIX, No. 11, June 15, 1951, p. 298.

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Virginia Kirkus' Bookshop Service