Franklyn M(ansfield) Branley

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May Hill Arbuthnot

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All of [Branley's books are] remarkably informative. A Book of the Milky Way Galaxy for You gives a fascinating and understandable explanation of how vast distances are measured. The Sun: Star Number One and The Earth: Planet Number Three are fuller and more advanced than books on similar subjects by [Herbert] Zim, but the style … [makes] them comprehensible and fascinating…. The Branley books are well written and have made a brilliant contribution to children's science interests, especially in the field of astronomy. (p. 292)

May Hill Arbuthnot, "Informational Books," in her Children's Reading in the Home (copyright © 1969 by Scott, Foresman and Company; reprinted by permission), Scott, Foresman, 1969, pp. 279-308.∗

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