Franklyn M(ansfield) Branley

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Margaret Sherwood Libby

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Another "experiment" book by Nelson Beeler and Franklyn Branley is welcome, especially one dealing with the use of the microscope. ["Experiments with a Microscope"] is useful for those fortunate young people who have a microscope and all who are beginning laboratory science. There are excellent chapters on the instrument itself, its construction and how it works. Then as "the world is yours for observing" many are the suggestions for things to look at, inanimate objects, plants, protozoa, yeasts, blood and bacteria. Wise advice is given on careful observation and the keeping of records as well as on ways of mounting specimens, staining colorless ones, and even on photo-micrography with a Brownie Hawkeye camera…. [This] is a fine new science book.

Margaret Sherwood Libby, "Books for Boys and Girls: 'Experiments with a Microscope'," in New York Herald Tribune Book Review (© I.H.T. Corporation; reprinted by permission), May 12, 1957, p. 12.

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