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Louise S. Bechtel

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[Branley and Beeler call "More Experiments in Science"] a "doing book," not a reading book, one that proves again their motto, "Try it and see for yourself." Their former experiment books have been popular in homes and schools.

This time the thirty-seven experiments range all over the house and garden, kitchen and garage, for materials. Each has a list of things needed…. Some start you on collections, as the insect trap, the butterfly net, the wild-flower press. Some give you tricks to play, as the dancing moth-balls. Some offer useful things to make for your home, as the foam fire extinguisher, the telegraph set, the water-drop microscope. Most satisfy that ranging curiosity of the boy of twelve to fourteen, giving him answers about the corrosion of metals, colloids and molecules, erosion, water pressure and what makes the electric refrigerator work. Very interesting.

Louise S. Bechtel, "Books for Young People: 'More Experiments in Science'," in New York Herald Tribune Book Review, June 4, 1950, p. 10.

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