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David G. Hoag

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[The Milky Way: Galaxy No. 1] could have been an excellent book. It is up-to-date, well-organized,… and for the most part is well written. Most of the technical explanation is clear and particularly good. However, the several places in the text having mathematical or geometrical descriptions are needlessly complex, confusing, not always relevant, and often wrong. The volume would be ever so much better over-all if these parts were removed. It would be excellent if a competent scientist helped the author make the needed repairs. In spite of these serious flaws, this is a worth-while science book about optical and radio astronomy explaining what we know and how we know about our galaxy: the Milky Way.

David G. Hoag, "'The Milky Way: Galaxy No. 1'," in Appraisal: Science Books for Young People (copyright © 1970 by the Children's Science Book Review Committee), Vol. 3, No. 3, Fall, 1970, p. 6.

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