Franklyn M(ansfield) Branley

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Alfred D. Beck

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["The Nine Planets"] is a solidly packed reference book … which yields an exceptionally rich harvest of information per page.

Mr. Branley writes sincerely, accurately and with no attempt at glamorizing the facts. Any references he makes to things that are speculative are clearly identified with qualifying words…. Impressive also are the tables of statistics which have been included in the body of the text rather than in an appendix.

Near the end of the book the author has suggested nine titles for further reading. I wish he had listed twice as many because I believe he will stir in his readers a wider range of interest than is encompassed by these few titles.

Alfred D. Beck, "Orbs and Orbits," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1958 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), November 23, 1958, p. 48.

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