Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Student Question

What would you emphasize in a fireside chat about Roosevelt's presidency?

Expert Answers

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After opening with a "Good evening, friends," I think that I would emphasize how there is always darkness before the dawn.  In my mind, one of the most important outcomes of President Roosevelt's administration was the ability of citizens to trust their government.  Since Roosevelt took office with 25% unemployment, a lack of faith in nearly every institution of American society, and a dearth of hope, I think that Roosevelt's ability to inspire trust in his constituency was breathtaking.  In my Fireside Chat, I would stress that there needs to be trust in the government.  How Roosevelt was able to convince the nation to believe and "buy into" what he was selling was powerful.  Roosevelt was a very wealthy man, part of the American elite.  Yet, he used his Fireside Chat and personable manner to connect with Americans who were poor and disenfranchised.  It is here that I would stress in my Fireside Chat the need for citizens to trust their government and to believe in the idea that government can help individuals in need.  In stressing this, I think that an important element in Roosevelt's presidency emerges in that trust and faith in government is what enabled Americans to persevere through one of the darkest times en route to a prosperous dawn.

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