Frankenstein Themes

Frankenstein key themes:

  • In Frankenstein, isolation results in disaster as Victor, prioritizing his scientific ambition above his friends and family, creates the monster, who in turn suffers isolation and alienation.

  • Nurture contrasts with nature as the humans in the story model loving, productive relationships among even adoptive family, while Victor neglects his creation and leaves him to suffer.

  • Romantic themes like the wonder and beauty of the natural world appear in depictions of scenery and landscapes.

  • Appearances belie reality as the creature’s appearance disguises benevolent inclinations.

  • Nature trumps science as Victor’s perversion of the natural order wreaks havoc and costs lives.


Popular Themes

Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant, rational, and self-centered man who comes to understand the importance of friendship, family, and love. His...

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