Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein Quiz

Victor Frankenstein is Mary Shelley's embodiment of her concerns about the direction of science. At once curious and intellectual, dangerous and risk-taking, Shelley has her protagonist explore the boundaries of what is morally just in the modern world. Be sure you understand the complexities of the man by taking the Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein character quiz from eNotes. Ten questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of this crucial character.

  1. Which of Victor's relatives is NOT one of those killed by the Monster?

  2. How far does Victor chase the monster?

  3. While at university, what idea captivates Victor?

  4. True or False: Victor fails at "playing God"

  5. Which of the following best describes Victor prior to his death?

  6. Where is Victor originally from?

  7. True or False: Victor is reluctant to embrace new scientific ideas at Ingolstadt

  8. What sort of studies did Victor immerse himself in when he was young?

  9. What is Victor's immediate reaction when the Monster comes to life?

  10. What risk does Victor take to prove his theory?