Frankenstein Vol 3 Chapters 3 and 4 Quiz

Once wasn't enough for Victor. He has decided to conduct a second experiment, but it does not go well. Be sure you understand what has gone awry and more by taking the quiz on Volume 3, Chapters 3 to 4 of Frankenstein from eNotes. Five questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of the major points of these chapters.

  1. How does Henry dispose of the remains of his creature and his instruments?

  2. What most worries Victor about bringing another, female creature to life?

  3. Why is Victor arrested?

  4. After passing out and remaining in delirium for two months, where does Victor find himself?

  5. When does the creature say he will be with Victor?

  6. What makes Henry decide to leave the island in two days?

  7. What does the creature call Victor?

  8. True or False: Victor refuses to give in to the creature's demands

  9. How does Victor put an end to his second experiment?

  10. Who is Victor shocked to discover is the murder victim?

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