Frankenstein Overview Quiz

A scientist tries to play god with disastrous results. Be sure you recall the details of the monster's creation and what goes wrong by taking the eNotes quiz about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

  1. After Victor dies, Walton:

  2. What disturbing news does Victor receive in a letter from his father?

  3. What piece of incriminating evidence is found in Justine's pocket?

  4. Why is the creature pleased that Victor has decided not to commit suicide?

  5. The creature compares himself to this character in Milton's Paradise Lost:

  6. What was Walton's ambition before turning to exploration?

  7. Who is accused of Henry Clerval's murder?

  8. What does the creature demand of Victor, his creator?

  9. What does the creature say has made him a "fiend"?

  10. After seeing Henry's corpse, Victor:

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