Volume 3: Chapters 5 and 6 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why do Victor and Alphonse stop in Paris on their way to Geneva?
  2. How does Alphonse respond when Victor insists that he really is responsible for the deaths of William, Justine, and Clerval?
  3. What request does Elizabeth make of Victor in her letter?
  4. What does Victor promise to do the day after their wedding in his letter to Elizabeth?
  5. Where do Victor and Elizabeth travel on their wedding night?
  6. What does Victor expect the creature to do on the night of the wedding?
  7. How does Alphonse react to Elizabeth’s death?
  8. Where does Victor spend several months after Elizabeth’s murder?
  9. How does the magistrate respond to Victor’s demand that the creature be brought to justice?
  10. How does Victor respond to the magistrate?

Quiz Answers

  1. Victor and Alphonse stop in Paris so that Victor can rest.
  2. Alphonse changes the subject, convinced that Victor is deranged.
  3. Elizabeth requests that Victor be honest with her if he loves someone else or thinks of her as a sister rather than as a romantic partner.
  4. Victor promises to divulge his terrible secret to Elizabeth.
  5. Victor and Elizabeth travel to an inn in the town of Evian on their wedding night.
  6. Victor expects the creature to kill him.
  7. Alphonse cannot bear the news of Elizabeth’s death. He is unable to leave his bed and dies a few days after Victor’s return.
  8. Victor spends several months in a solitary cell in a hospital, recovering from a breakdown.
  9. The magistrate says that he will attempt to have the creature captured but that, based on Victor’s description of him and the fact that the creature’s whereabouts are unknown, this will probably prove impossible.
  10. Victor becomes enraged and declares that he will devote his life to getting revenge on the creature, then storms out of the magistrate’s house.

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