Frankenstein Volume 3: Chapters 3 and 4 Questions and Answers

Mary Shelley

Volume 3: Chapters 3 and 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does the creature go after Frankenstein destroys the female creature?

2. What do the fishermen deliver to Victor while he is sitting on the beach?

3. Does Victor ever reconsider his actions after he destroys the female creature?

4. Is Victor afraid when he is adrift at sea?

5. What language does Victor use to address the Irish people?

6. How does Victor describe Mr. Kirwin?

7. What did the fishermen do when they found Clerval’s body?

8. While he is delirious, what does Victor say that implicates him in the murder of Clerval?

9. What does the prison nurse tell Victor about his father?

10. Does Victor care that he is in prison?

1. The creature runs out of Frankenstein’s hut and rows out to sea.

2. The fishermen deliver a letter from Clerval suggesting that they travel to France together.

3. After he destroys the creature, Victor doubts himself, wondering if he did the right thing. But he says, “I banished from my mind every thought that could lead to a different conclusion.”

4. Even though he is miserable, Victor is grateful to be alive when the sea becomes calm and he sees land in the distance.

5. Victor speaks to them in English.

6. Mr. Kirwin is an “old, benevolent man, with calm and mild manners.”

7. The fishermen brought the body to a nearby house and went to town for a doctor.

8. Victor blames himself for the deaths of Henry, William, and Justine, raving that he is the murderer of all three.

9. She tells him that his father has come to visit him.

10. Because he is in such anguish, it makes no difference to him. Victor tells us that “to me the walls of a dungeon or a palace were alike hateful.”