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Volume 3: Chapters 1 and 2 Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. Who does Victor want to meet with in England?
  2. What does Victor agree to do immediately upon his return from England?
  3. Where does Victor meet Clerval?
  4. What poem does Victor quote to describe Clerval’s reaction to the scenery?
  5. How does Clerval remind Victor of his former self?
  6. What is Clerval’s goal when he and Victor are in London?
  7. Why does Victor accept the invitation to Perth?
  8. What does Victor fear while he and Clerval are traveling to Scotland?
  9. Where does Victor rent a hut in which to complete his work?
  10. What does Victor fear while working on the creature’s companion?

Quiz Answers

  1. Victor wants to meet with an English philosopher whose discoveries he believes will help him to create the creature’s companion.

(The entire section is 246 words.)