Frankenstein Volume 3: Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Mary Shelley

Volume 3: Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. As Victor pursues the creature, what is the one thing that gives him pleasure?

2. What clues does the creature leave for Victor?

3. What does the creature steal from the villagers by the sea?

4. Why is Victor stranded on the ice?

5. How does Victor move his ice raft towards Walton’s ship?

6. How is the creature’s soul described by Victor ?

7. In his youth, what did Victor think he was destined to achieve?

8. Is Margaret Saville married?

9. When Walton’s crew wants to return home, what does Victor advise them?

10. Although Frankenstein wanted to destroy the monster, in his speech over Victor’s body, what does the creature say would have been a more satisfying revenge?

1. Victor finds pleasure only when he sleeps at night and dreams of Elizabeth and Henry, alive and healthy.

2. The creature leaves messages carved on rocks and trees.

3. The creature takes their store of winter food and a dogsled team.

4. Victor followed the creature onto the ice and could see him in the distance. But when he is within a mile of him, the creature disappears and the ice breaks apart, leaving Victor stranded.

5. Victor breaks his sled apart and uses the wood to row towards the ship.

6. He says his soul is “as hellish as his form, full of treachery and fiend-like malice.”

7. Victor tells Walton that, as a young man, he felt he was destined for “some great enterprise.” He believed that his good judgment would enable him to accomplish “illustrious achievements.”

8. Yes. Walton mentions that she has a husband and children.

9. Victor tells them not to give into fear and cowardice. They should continue the expedition and return home as heroes.

10. The creature says that Victor’s desire for revenge against him would have been “better satiated in my life than in my destruction.”