Volume 3: Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What place does Victor visit on the night of his departure from Geneva?
  2. How does the creature respond to Victor’s decision to live?
  3. How does the creature help Victor to follow him?
  4. What is the only thing that brings Victor joy as he pursues the creature?
  5. How does Victor become stranded on the ice?
  6. What does Victor ask Walton to do for him if he should die?
  7. What advice does Victor give Walton and the sailors when the ship is trapped in ice?
  8. What does the creature ask Victor even though he knows Victor cannot answer?
  9. How does the creature feel about himself?
  10. What does the creature plan to do after leaving Walton’s ship?

Quiz Answers

  1. Victor visits the cemetery, specifically his family tomb.
  2. The creature responds by telling Victor that he is satisfied with Victor’s decision.
  3. The creature leaves Victor food and notes written on tree bark and stones.
  4. The only thing that brings Victor joy is dreaming of his home and his dead loved ones, whom he sometimes convinces himself are still alive.
  5. Victor becomes stranded when the ice breaks while he is pursuing the creature across the frozen sea.
  6. Victor asks Walton to finish his task of destroying the creature if the captain should ever come across him.
  7. Victor advises Walton and the sailors to stick to their purpose and keep sailing north rather than turning back.
  8. The creature asks Victor to forgive him for destroying his life.
  9. The creature hates himself and believes that he is the most miserable and malignant being on earth.
  10. The creature plans to travel as far north as possible, build himself a funeral pyre, and die in the flames.

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