Volume 2: Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why doesn’t Safie’s father want her to marry Felix?
  2. What books does the creature find in the forest?
  3. With which character in the books he finds does the creature most identify?
  4. What does the creature find in the pocket of the coat he took from Victor’s apartment?
  5. How do Agatha, Safie, and Felix react to the creature?
  6. What does the creature do to the cottage?
  7. Where does the creature decide to go after he leaves his hovel?
  8. Why does the creature initially seize William?
  9. What does the creature demand of Victor?
  10. Where does the creature say he will go if Victor agrees to his demand?

Quiz Answers

  1. Safie’s father, who is Muslim, doesn’t want her to marry a Christian.
  2. The creature finds Paradise Lost, Plutarch’s Lives, and the Sorrows of Werter.
  3. The creature most identifies with Satan from Paradise Lost.
  4. The creature finds a journal Victor kept while creating him.
  5. Agatha faints, Safie runs away, and Felix tears the creature off De Lacey, throws him to the ground, and hits him with a stick.
  6. The creature burns the cottage down.
  7. The creature decides to go to Geneva to find Victor.
  8. The creature initially seizes William in order to make him his friend.
  9. The creature demands that Victor make him a female companion.
  10. The creature says he will go to the South American wilderness with his companion.

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