Frankenstein Volume 2: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 Questions and Answers

Mary Shelley

Volume 2: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the first food the creature eats when he goes into the forest?

2. What does the creature call the moon?

3. What weapons do the villagers use to attack the creature?

4. What does Agatha, the young girl, do after she finishes playing her musical instrument?

5. Why is the creature perplexed at first by the unhappiness of the peasant family?

6. Who is the saddest member of the peasant family?

7. Do Felix, Agatha, and their father realize it is the creature who is helping them?

8. How does Felix change when Safie arrives?

9. What pet name does Felix call his fiancée?

10. What book does Felix use to instruct Safie?

1. The creature eats berries he finds growing on a tree.

2. The creature calls the moon the “orb of night.”

3. They use stones and “other kinds of missile weapons.”

4. Agatha holds her brother and sobs.

5. The family appears to have everything they need—food, shelter, clothing—and the creature doesn’t understand that they are actually living in poverty.

6. The creature believes Felix must have suffered more than the others because he appears to be the saddest person in the cottage.

7. They think it is a magical “good spirit” that is helping them.

8. Felix is delighted to see her, and “every trait of sorrow vanished from his face.”

9. Felix calls her his “sweet Arabian.”

10. Felix reads Volney’s Ruins of Empires. By listening to Felix read, the creature gains an insight into the “manners, governments, and religions of the different nations of the earth.” After hearing about the wonderful and terrible deeds of humankind, the creature wonders how humans could be “at once so powerful, so virtuous, and magnificent, yet so vicious and base.”