Frankenstein Volume 1: Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

Mary Shelley

Volume 1: Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Ernest Frankenstein?

2. Why did William hide from Ernest in Plainpalais?

3. Why did Elizabeth feel responsible for William’s murder?

4. How long has Victor been away from home, studying at Ingolstadt?

5. When Victor sees the creature in the Alps, why doesn’t he pursue it?

6. How has Elizabeth changed in the six years since Victor has seen her?

7. How does Justine look and behave during her trial?

8. How did Justine react when she was shown William’s body?

9. Whom does Victor consider to be the “true murderer” of William?

10. How does Elizabeth feel after she visits Justine in prison?

1. Ernest is Victor’s and William’s brother. He returned alone after he and William went off to play.

2. William and Ernest were playing hide-and-go-seek.

3. Elizabeth had given William the locket. She assumed the murderer killed William to get the locket, however, she believes Justine is innocent.

4. Victor has been away for six years.

5. The creature would be impossible to catch. Victor has seen it bound up Mount Saleve with tremendous speed and agility.

6. Elizabeth has grown up and become an “uncommonly lovely” woman.

7. Victor describes Justine as being calm and tranquil during the trial, and “confident in innocence.”

8. She became hysterical and was ill for several days.

9. Victor thinks of himself as the “true murderer.”

10. Although Justine has been condemned to death, Elizabeth is relieved to learn that Justine is really innocent. If Justine had been guilty, Elizabeth would have felt terrible anguish at being deceived by someone she loved and trusted.