Volume 1: Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who is Ernest?
  2. Who is Justine Moritz?
  3. Who is William?
  4. What do Victor and Clerval study together?
  5. How does Victor feel when he and Clerval return from their trip?
  6. What news does Victor receive from his father’s letter?
  7. Where does Victor see the creature?
  8. Who is going to be tried for murder?
  9. Why does Elizabeth blame herself?
  10. Why doesn’t Victor tell anyone who the real murderer is?

Quiz Answers

  1. Ernest is Victor’s younger brother.
  2. Justine Moritz is the Frankenstein family’s servant and friend.
  3. William is Victor’s youngest brother.
  4. Victor and Clerval study Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit.
  5. Victor feels happy and carefree when he and Clerval return from their trip.
  6. Victor receives the news that William has been murdered.
  7. Victor sees the creature in Plainpalais.
  8. Justine Moritz is going to be tried for murder.
  9. Elizabeth blames herself because she lent William the valuable necklace he was wearing the night of his death. Since the necklace was missing from William’s body, it appears that stealing it was the murderer’s motivation.
  10. Victor doesn’t tell anyone who the real murderer is because he thinks people would believe he was mad.

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