In Frankenstein, what does the monster's story reveal about M De Lacey, Felix, Agatha, and Safie?

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In the novel Frankensteinthe creature's story is very emotional and used by the creature to manipulate the emotions of Victor. The creature uses the story of the De Lacey family to stress the importance of the family unit. He tells a tale that illustrates how each of these members are so incredibly dedicated to each other. They maintain a selflessness that the creature has never had the privilege to experience. Felix and Agatha are shown to be loving and caring toward their father. Felix shows his dedication by turning himself in because "his blind and aged father and his gentle sister lay in a noisome dungeon while he enjoyed the free air and the society of her whom he loved. This idea was torture to him." The father "often endeavoured to encourage his children, as sometimes I found that he called them, to cast off their melancholy. He would talk in a cheerful accent, with an expression of goodness that bestowed pleasure even upon me". They were entirely dedicated and loving to each other. This is used in contrast of the creature whose creator/father, Victor, rejected him entirely.

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