Frank Zappa David G. Walley - Essay

David G. Walley

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

We all live inside a plastic balloon which Frank Zappa is trying to pop….

Zappa is no freaked-out psychedelic acidhead—his band is composed of consummate musicians, and their music is vital, alive, and important. Everything the Mothers do, right down to the multi-tracked belches, has infinite purpose. Zappa is a media master…. (p. 29)

The Mothers of Invention, for all their put-on obnoxiousness (studied, I might add) and healthy disrespect for the Establishment, are very much vital as artists in this culture. Some of their music is in the 50's folk medium (a capella pimple-rock)—what better way to describe a culture than by using the culture's music to do it? (pp....

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