Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

In addition to giving public readings of his own and of Henrik Ibsen’s works, Frank Wedekind wrote poetry, fiction, and essays defending his ideas on sexuality and morality. Working as a journalist, as an advertising agent, and in various secretarial capacities, he contributed to many literary as well as nonliterary genres. His Lautenlieder of 1920 includes traditional ballads, many of which he sang in cabarets, along with other songs and verses. His views on education are included in Mine-Haha: Oder, Über die körperliche Erziehung der jungen Mädchen, published in 1903. His novellas, the most notable of which is Feuerwerk (1906), are colorful stylistically yet economic in their use of background material; they illustrate the tautness that came to characterize his style in general.