Frank G(ill) Slaughter Edmund Fuller - Essay

Edmund Fuller

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Luke, "the beloved physician," the New Testament lyricist, author of the lovely Gospel which bears his name, and of The Acts of the Apostles, is the central figure of ["The Road to Bithynia"]. As a Biblical novel and a doctor novel it combines two traditionally popular subjects, and Dr. Slaughter makes of it an absorbing, well-told narrative which is certain to find a wide readership.

Yet the numerous works of this kind force the reviewer of each new one to make at least a broad classification. So be it observed that "The Road to Bithynia" is in the genre of the works of the late Dr. Lloyd C. Douglas, and through this line of descent, is kin to those of Sienkiewicz and Lew Wallace. Like Dr. Douglas's...

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