Frank Dune Herbert

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Principal Works

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The Dragon in the Sea (novel) 1956
Dune (novel) 1965
Destination: Void (novel) 1966
The Eyes of Heisenberg (novel) 1966
The Green Brain (novel) 1966
The Heaven Makers (novel) 1968
Santaroga Barrier (novel) 1968
Dune Messiah (novel) 1969
Whipping Star (novel) 1970
The God Makers (novel) 1972
Soul Catcher (novel) 1972
Hellstrom's Hive (novel) 1973
Children of Dune (novel) 1976
The Dosadi Experiment (novel) 1977
The Jesus Incident [with Bill Ransom] (novel) 1979
God Emperor of Dune (novel) 1981
The White Plague (novel) 1982
The Lazarus Effect [with Bill Ransom] (novel) 1983
Heretics of Dune (novel) 1984
Chapterhouse, Dune (novel) 1985
Man of Two Worlds [with Brian Herbert] (novel) 1986

∗This work has also been published as Twenty-First Century Sub in 1956 and as Under Pressure in 1974.

†These six works are collectively known as the Dune series.

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