Discussion Topics

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

What are some of the reasons that so many of Frank Chin’s characters hate the figure of Charlie Chan?

Discuss Chin’s portrayal of a son’s conflict with his father in one of his plays, short stories, or novels.

In what ways do racial issues affect the lives of Chin’s protagonists?

What is it that Chin has against fellow Chinese American writers Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan?

According to Chin’s works, what makes life especially hard for second-generation Chinese Americans?

Initially, many of Chin’s young characters rebel against all things Chinese in their lives. Why do you feel they do this, and does their attitude change sometimes?

What are some examples of Chin’s dark humor in his texts, and what effect does this humor have on you as the reader?

What part do American television serials and movies play in the lives of many of Chin’s characters?