Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Francisco Martínez de la Rosa initiated his fruitful literary career with several poetic odes that quickly attracted his contemporaries’ attention. Furthermore, his participation in the Cádiz resistance against the French invasion during the War of 1808-1814 brought this young liberal into the political arena. Throughout his life, he contributed to Spanish affairs with several treatises and fundamental political statutes and documents. This political involvement naturally inclined him toward historical research, which inspired his historical novel, Doña Isabel de Solís, Reyna de Granada (1837-1846), and several historical treatises, among them the monumental El espíritu del siglo (1835-1851). His diverse literary interests also led him in 1829 to publish a translation of Horace Moratín’s Ars poetica (c. 17 b.c.e.; The Art of Poetry, 1567) called Traducción de la Epístola de Horacio a los Pisones sobre arte poética and to write his Poética (1831).