Fran Arrick Dorothy M. Broderick - Essay

Dorothy M. Broderick

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

When at 10 p.m. you say, I'll just read a few pages to get started and next you look up and it's midnight, it is hard to be critical of a book, and even harder to explain how so engrossing a read leaves one annoyed, frustrated and stomping around the house. The plot of Chernowitz! is the first person narration of Bobby Cherno's harassment by bully Emmett Sundback solely because Bobby is Jewish. There are name callings, a fiery cross (albeit it very small) tossed on the Cherno lawn, a swastika painted on a family car, and isolation from the other boys in the class. All because this bunch of suburban boy sheep follow blindly the leadership of an adolescent victim of child abuse by his divorced, drinking father....

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