(Great Characters in Literature)

Mark Robarts

Mark Robarts, vicar of Framley in Barsetshire, a living he gained at the age of twenty-five through his friendship with the Lufton family. At a house party given by Sowerby, a man of whom Lady Lufton disapproves, he foolishly signs a note for four hundred pounds. When the note falls due, Sowerby has him sign another note he cannot pay. Sowerby is able, through political connections, to get Robarts a prebendal stall at Barchester. His friends feel that he has become too worldly. Events finally reach the point where Robarts is subjected to a sheriff’s inventory because he is unable to meet his financial obligations. At the last moment, Lord Lufton appears and assumes responsibility for the debt.

Fanny Robarts

Fanny Robarts, Mark’s wife. She remains loyal to her husband through all his financial difficulties.

Lucy Robarts

Lucy Robarts, the sister of Mark Robarts, who comes to live at Framley Parsonage when her father, a doctor, dies. Although quiet and shy, Lucy soon gains the love of the highly eligible young Lord Lufton, but his mother disapproves of the “insignificant” match. Although Lord Lufton proposes, Lucy honorably refuses until such time as his mother may approve. Lucy then goes to nurse Mrs. Crawley, the wife of a neighboring clergyman, stricken with typhoid fever. At the end of her stay at Hogglestock, Lady Lufton relents, and Lucy marries Lord Lufton.

Lady Lufton

Lady Lufton, the matriarchal ruler of Framley Court. Although she has made a pact with the mother of Griselda Grantly that their children will wed, she does not force her point of view once she sees that her son is not in love with Griselda. She pays her son’s gambling debts and forgives Mark Robarts’ folly in money matters.

Lord Ludovic Lufton

Lord Ludovic Lufton, a close friend of Mark Robarts and a persistent suitor for Lucy’s hand.

Nicholas Sowerby

Nicholas Sowerby, the squire of Chaldicotes, an improvident and...

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