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Mark Robarts

Mark Robarts, vicar of Framley in Barsetshire, a living he gained at the age of twenty-five through his friendship with the Lufton family. At a house party given by Sowerby, a man of whom Lady Lufton disapproves, he foolishly signs a note for four hundred pounds. When the...

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Mark Robarts

Mark Robarts, vicar of Framley in Barsetshire, a living he gained at the age of twenty-five through his friendship with the Lufton family. At a house party given by Sowerby, a man of whom Lady Lufton disapproves, he foolishly signs a note for four hundred pounds. When the note falls due, Sowerby has him sign another note he cannot pay. Sowerby is able, through political connections, to get Robarts a prebendal stall at Barchester. His friends feel that he has become too worldly. Events finally reach the point where Robarts is subjected to a sheriff’s inventory because he is unable to meet his financial obligations. At the last moment, Lord Lufton appears and assumes responsibility for the debt.

Fanny Robarts

Fanny Robarts, Mark’s wife. She remains loyal to her husband through all his financial difficulties.

Lucy Robarts

Lucy Robarts, the sister of Mark Robarts, who comes to live at Framley Parsonage when her father, a doctor, dies. Although quiet and shy, Lucy soon gains the love of the highly eligible young Lord Lufton, but his mother disapproves of the “insignificant” match. Although Lord Lufton proposes, Lucy honorably refuses until such time as his mother may approve. Lucy then goes to nurse Mrs. Crawley, the wife of a neighboring clergyman, stricken with typhoid fever. At the end of her stay at Hogglestock, Lady Lufton relents, and Lucy marries Lord Lufton.

Lady Lufton

Lady Lufton, the matriarchal ruler of Framley Court. Although she has made a pact with the mother of Griselda Grantly that their children will wed, she does not force her point of view once she sees that her son is not in love with Griselda. She pays her son’s gambling debts and forgives Mark Robarts’ folly in money matters.

Lord Ludovic Lufton

Lord Ludovic Lufton, a close friend of Mark Robarts and a persistent suitor for Lucy’s hand.

Nicholas Sowerby

Nicholas Sowerby, the squire of Chaldicotes, an improvident and parasitical young man greatly in debt to the duke of Omnium. He uses both Mark Robarts and Lord Lufton in his financial dealings. At the suggestion of his sister, he proposes to Miss Dunstable, a very wealthy woman, in an effort to regain his fortune. Miss Dunstable wisely refuses the offer of marriage but buys Chaldicotes and allows Sowerby to live there.

Harold Smith

Harold Smith, the brother-in-law of Sowerby and a member of Parliament who becomes Petty Bag when Lord Brock is made prime minister. His influence secures the prebendal stall for Mark Robarts.

Mrs. Harold Smith

Mrs. Harold Smith, the sister of Sowerby and good friend of Miss Dunstable.

Martha Dunstable

Martha Dunstable, the wealthy heiress to a patent medicine fortune, humorously accustomed to refusing young men who seek her for her money. She admires Dr. Thorne, whom she marries, and they later live at Chaldicotes.

Dr. Thomas Thorne

Dr. Thomas Thorne, a bachelor physician at Greshamsbury. Without worldly interests, he marries Miss Dunstable, but not for her money.

Mary Gresham

Mary Gresham, Dr. Thorne’s niece, married to Frank Gresham, master of the hunt in Greshamsbury.

Lady Scatcherd

Lady Scatcherd, the widow of Sir Roger Scatcherd, a poor stonemason who became wealthy. She is friendly with Dr. Thorne.

Susan Grantly

Susan Grantly, the wife of Archdeacon Grantly of Barchester. Eager to get her daughter Griselda married, she defeats her arch-adversary, Mrs. Proudie, because Griselda marries Lord Dumbello, while young Olivia Proudie makes an unsuitable marriage.

Mrs. Proudie

Mrs. Proudie, the aggressive wife of the bishop of Barchester. Her efforts toward social position and elegance are constantly foiled.

Olivia Proudie

Olivia Proudie, the oldest daughter of the bishop of Barchester; she marries a widower with three children.

Reverend Tobias Tickler

Reverend Tobias Tickler, the widower who marries Olivia Proudie.

Griselda Grantly

Griselda Grantly, the attractive daughter of Archdeacon Grantly. Her marriage to Lord Dumbello makes her the future marchioness of Hartletop.

The Duke of Omnium

The Duke of Omnium, the wealthiest landowner in Barsetshire. Although usually indifferent to politics, he exercises himself to remove Sowerby from Parliament.

Lord Brock

Lord Brock, briefly prime minister of England.

Lord Supplehouse

Lord Supplehouse, an opportunistic politician who writes letters to the newspaper against Harold Smith.

Lord Dumbello

Lord Dumbello, an unprepossessing nobleman who wins Sowerby’s seat in Parliament with the help of the duke of Omnium.

Mr. Fothergill

Mr. Fothergill, agent of the duke of Omnium and a man of business, instrumental in Sowerby’s defeat.

Tom Tozer

Tom Tozer, a shady moneylender who holds Mark Robarts’ notes.

The Reverend Josiah Crawley

The Reverend Josiah Crawley, the clergyman at Hogglestock parish. He lectures Mark Robarts concerning the danger of worldliness in a parson.

Mrs. Crawley

Mrs. Crawley, his wife, who becomes ill with typhoid fever and is nursed back to health by Lucy Robarts.

Grace Crawley

Grace Crawley, the bright and charming oldest daughter of the Crawleys.

The Reverend Francis Arabin

The Reverend Francis Arabin, dean of Barchester and an old school fellow of austere Mr. Crawley.

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