Text of the Poem

(Poetry for Students)

(Chinle, late winter, 1973, when the wolves came)

Gray mist wolf
     from mountain frozen lake 
traveling southwest
     over deep snow crust singing
     Ah ouoo
     Ah ouoo
     the fog hangs belly high
     and the deer have all gone.
     Ah ouoo
     Ah ouoo

Gray mist wolf
     following the edge of the Sun. 
wirling snow wolf
     spill the yellow-eyed wind
     on blue lake stars

Swirling snow wolf
     tear the heart from the silence 
     rip the tongue from the darkness 
     Shake the earth with your breathing 
     and explode gray ice dreams of eternity.

Mountain white mist wolf
     frozen crystals on silver hair
     icy whiskers
     steaming silver mist from his mouth

Gray fog wolf 
     swift and wet
     howling along cliffs of midnight sky, 
     you have traveled the years 
     on your way to Black Mountain.

Call to the centuries as you pass 
     howling wolf wind
     their fear is your triumph 
     they huddle in the distances 

Lean wolf running
     where miles become faded in time,
     the urge the desire is always with me
     the dream of green eyes wolf
     as she reached the swollen belly elk
     her pale lavender outline
     startled into eternity.