The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Ayn Rand

Part 4, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Peter Keating is thirty-nine years old, gaining weight, and spiraling downward. The Keating architectural firm has shrunk considerably since Guy Francon’s retirement; the offices are now confined to only one floor. He is deemed “old-fashioned” and is known as the lead designer of the flop “March of the Centuries.” He visits Ellsworth Toohey in hopes of gaining an inside track to becoming designer of a new housing project, Cortland Homes. Toohey has distanced himself from Keating; he prefers to write about August Webb as the pre-eminent designer of the age. When Keating begs for his aid, Toohey tells him that he has no official role in the selection of the designer of Cortland Homes, but he will speak up for him if Keating...

(The entire section is 513 words.)