The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Ayn Rand

Part 4, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Dominique barely survives that first night. She is in the hospital for several days before she is finally allowed to go home. Wynand tells her that she went too far, that she should have known what glass can do. He knows she cut herself and had a part in Roark’s destruction of the Cortlandt housing project. He had personally paid the bail for Roark. He approves of the destruction but is concerned about his and Dominique’s part in it. He teases Dominique, calling Roark her lover. She knows then that he has not guessed her true relationship with Roark. Roark comes to see Dominique. He tells her that, should he be convicted, she must stay with Wynand. However, if he is acquitted, she must come finally to be with him. Dominique...

(The entire section is 553 words.)