The Fountainhead

by Ayn Rand

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Part 3, Chapters 7-9 Summary

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Wynand meets Dominique at the train station when she returns to New York. He tells her that he is taking her to the judge so they can be married immediately. She objects, stating that she wants to have an elaborate wedding in a hotel with a large guest list, as is fitting for one such as Gail Wynand. Wynand reluctantly agrees, and they are married the following week, with Dominique wearing a long black wedding dress. Alvah Scarret, Dominique’s former boss at The Banner, asks her why The Banner was blocked from reporting the wedding. Dominique is surprised and learns that this was Wynand’s request. Later, at their penthouse, Dominique thanks him. She finds herself attracted to Wynand not as a man but as a source of power.

The Banner is flooded with letters condemning Wynand for marrying a divorcée because he had been such a public proponent of conservative values. Wynand laughs them off as well as the attacks from the other newspapers. Ellsworth learns that Mitchell Layton, a suspected Communist sympathizer, has been hired. He worries that this will drag the paper down even further.

For two weeks, Wynand and Dominique do not leave their apartment. When Wynand returns to work, Dominique stays at home. She realizes that Wynand prefers her to be secluded. He does not allow The Banner to print any news about her. One of the star reporters sneaks into Dominique’s presence and interviews her. When the final article is submitted to Wynand for approval, he fires the reporter even though she has a large reading public. After a few months, Dominique forces Wynand to resume a social life.

Wynand attends a publishers’ convention. At his return, Dominique takes him to see a play called No Skin Off Your Nose, which had been praised by every reporter at The Banner. The audience pretends to think it is wonderful, but Wynand can see that it is meaningless and ridiculous. Dominique admits that she wanted to force Wynand to see the world he created. Instead, Wynand judges the people who enjoy the trash he saw. He does not take any responsibility as the one who gave it to them. Dominique apologizes; she sees that she is unable to hurt him but can only hurt herself. On their summer cruise, Wynand tells her that he loves her.

Wynand and Dominique look out at the skyscrapers of New York, which they see as indicative of the greatness of man. Wynand says that he wants to build a beautiful building in Hell’s Kitchen, where he was born. Dominique urges Wynand to fire Ellsworth Toohey, whom she fears is planning to gain control of The Banner. Wynand refuses, stating that Toohey is not significant enough to fire. Dominique tells him that one day she must apologize for marrying him because she does not love him. Wynand does not care as long as he is allowed to love her.

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