The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Ayn Rand

Part 2, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Stoddard wins the lawsuit, and Roark refuses to appeal. Dominique writes an article that quotes most of her testimony from the trial. Her boss refuses to publish it, and Dominique threatens to quit if he does not. Unsure of what to do, her boss wires Gail Wynand in the Caribbean for directions. Wynand wires back, “Fire the bitch.” Toohey obtains a copy of the telegram and gives it to Dominique. She confronts her boss with it, packs up her things, and leaves.

Katie talks with her Uncle Ellsworth; she tells him how unhappy she is in her job as a social worker. She is becoming mean, hating the very people she is trying to help. Toohey tells her that she must give up her ego; only when she has shed herself of that will...

(The entire section is 544 words.)