The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Ayn Rand

Part 1, Chapters 13-15 Summary

Howard Roark faces challenges when it comes to finding and keeping commissions. Jimmy Gowan, who had seen the Heller house, commissions him to build a gas station. Gowan is pleased with it, and Roark stays all day at the station on its first day. Mrs. Wayne Wilmot is a fan of Austen Heller’s and so wants Roark to design her home so she can say that she has Heller’s architect. When she will not be budged from building English Tudor, Roark refuses the commission. Robert Mundy asks Roark to build a reproduction of a Southern plantation as a symbol of himself. Roark objects, stating that it is a symbol of other people’s opinions, not of Mundy. Nathaniel Janss hires Roark to design an office building in downtown New York. Although...

(The entire section is 602 words.)