The Man of Property, 1906

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Soames Forsyte

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Soames Forsyte, the son of James Forsyte and the grandson of the founder of the family fortune, Jolyon Forsyte (“Superior Dosset”). Soames cannot understand why his wife, whose every material need is met, is not happy with him. When he finds out about her affair with Philip Bosinney, Soames sues him, determined to drive him bankrupt. Asserting his marital rights, he rapes Irene.

Irene Heron Forsyte

Irene Heron Forsyte, Soames’s beautiful wife. After marrying Soames, she discovered that she found him sexually repellent. In the architect Philip Bosinney, she finds a man she can love. After the rape, she leaves Soames; however, when Bosinney is run over after she has told him about the rape, she feels responsible for her lover’s death. Near collapse, she returns home.

Jolyon Forsyte (Old Jolyon)

Jolyon Forsyte (Old Jolyon), an eighty-year-old man who is especially fond of children. Because of his love for his little granddaughter June Forsyte, he sided with his daughter-in-law against his only son, Young Jolyon. After not seeing him for fourteen years, however, Old Jolyon seeks out his son, reestablishes their old relationship of total trust, and becomes close to the two young grandchildren he has never known. To please June and to spite his brother James, he buys the house at Robin Hill, which Bosinney had built for Soames.

Jolyon Forsyte (Young Jolyon)

Jolyon Forsyte (Young Jolyon), the son of Old Jolyon, a painter, who like his father is not a typical Forsyte. When he left his wife for another woman, young Jolyon and his father became estranged. After they begin to see each other again, they soon become as close as before.

June Forsyte

June Forsyte, Young Jolyon’s daughter by his first wife. After her engagement to Bosinney has been formally announced, June is humiliated by his well-known involvement with Irene. Because she still loves Bosinney, she urges her grandfather to help him extricate himself from his financial difficulties.

“Indian Summer of a Forsyte,” 1922

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Jolyon Forsyte (Old Jolyon)

Jolyon Forsyte (Old Jolyon), now eighty-five years old. He lives contentedly at Robin Hill with his son and his three grandchildren. After a chance encounter with Irene, who has left her husband, Old Jolyon befriends her. During June’s absence, she often comes to visit him. He is happily anticipating her arrival at the time of his death.

In Chancery, 1920

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Soames Forsyte

Soames Forsyte, who yearns for a son to carry on the family name. Soames decides that he must obtain a divorce from Irene. He has selected a young, practical French woman, Annette Lamotte, as a suitable wife for him and the future mother of his child. He cannot, however, stay away from Irene, whom he still considers his property. A detective’s report on her involvement with Young Jolyon prompts Soames to sue for divorce, naming Young Jolyon as co-respondent. Soames marries Annette, and they have a daughter.

Irene Heron Forsyte

Irene Heron Forsyte, Soames’s estranged wife, who is determined to get away from Soames. In Young Jolyon, she has a dependable, understanding friend and, in time, a devoted lover. After the divorce, she marries Young Jolyon and moves to Robin Hill. They have a son, Jon.

Jolyon Forsyte (Young Jolyon)

Jolyon Forsyte (Young Jolyon), a widower. Appointed by his father as trustee of the large bequest to Irene, Jolyon feels compelled to protect her from Soames and his unwelcome attentions. Traveling together in Europe, Young Jolyon and Irene realize that they love each other.

Jolyon Forsyte (Jolly)

Jolyon Forsyte (Jolly), the older son of Young Jolyon. He is a...

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